our team approach to collaborative divorce

​​​​About ME

A Hearty Thank you!

"Randi is an excellent first point of contact.  She gets back to you quickly.  She is diligent about finding you answers, preparing you for the next steps, setting the tempo of the team, and keeping the dialog constructive.  She is an advocate for civility, compromise, and works to ensure that everyone's input is valued and heard.  She is warm, kind, and genuinely cares about helping you and your spouse both get through the process as intact as possible." BG 2017 

What we do (in central Ohio)

 I work with humor and vitality, encouraging you to use your voice in this process. My goal is to get you to the end where you can say "this process was okay."

Collaborative Neutral
​Family coach 

The Team:

Two Separate Attorneys 


One Financial Neutral

  We are changing the culture of divorce around the world! 
  This was in a Spanish Newspaper after I taught a 2-day training 

​  in 2 major cities around Spain. They now have 25 more  

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Each of parties has his/her own attorney who  is committing to not posturing and not being antagonistic. These attorneys have been trained to see the "bigger picture" and focus on the best outcome for the family. They also help the clients understand the role of the law in this process.

Financial Neutral

The financial expert will work with couple to identify & confirm all the family's assets. This individual is  neutral, is trained to understand the needs of the family and to present to the divorcing couple various ideas to best divide up the family assets, based on their identified cares and interests.

Family Coach

This communications specialist/ family coach is licensed as a mental health practitioner and specializes in family relationships. This individual is neutral and will help you to talk better with each other. The Coach also keeps the process moving forward and works with individuals and the parties together to create a safe place to explore the best way to move into the future. 

Because we promote a "team effort," the couple gets the best possible support. During this difficult time, emotions get big and often there are confusing messages. The Divorce Coach is there to speak on the phone with you, to see you individually or together as needed. You may also email or text. The Family Coach holds the responsibility of assisting the team and assisting the couple to continue to move forward in a way that works for the couple.

I am a bilingual (Spanish & English) licensed mental health therapist, LPCC-S & have worked with individuals and couples for more than 2 decades. I also have a PhD and an MA in foreign language education & teacher training and an MS in clinical counseling. I am a member (in good standing!) of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals IACP. I am also a member of the Central Ohio Academy of Collaborative Divorce Professionals COACDP.


1992 -- "Excellence in Teaching" Award 
  from Columbus State Community College

2001 -- "Counselor of the Year" Award
  presented by Ohio Counseling Association

2002 -- "Practitioner of the Year" Award
​  presented by South Eastern Ohio Counseling


2004 -- CAVA "Community Against Violence and

  Abuse" Award presented by Franklin County

  Children Services



​​  I helped the divorcing couple navigate through

  the emotional process. I helped to identify,  
and communicate the EMOTIONAL

  concerns during the divorce process and

  assist both in creating a parenting plan that  
  may even include helping the couple 

  with their children about the divorce.


  This is not therapy. Your coach  will not "go 

  deep," and this is not long-term. This does  

  not replace the support of therapy.​